(Duration 2.15 with intermission)

Comedy in two acts

The comedy about adventurers and swindlers, although written a century and a half ago, remains very modern. All the signs of our time are hidden behind the screen of the classic plot: bribery, self-government, lawlessness. And although the audience laughs the entire play, tearing up their stomachs, a revelation awaits them in the finale. It turns out, laughter through tears. “Revizor” is a play full of Gogol’s diabolical jokes and comic situations. The slightly updated material in the performance of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vyacheslav Zhyla sounds fresh and energetic. Well-known characters, unequivocal allusions – the truth in the production is closely mixed with a joke.



Horodnychy – Oleksiy Vertynskyi

Anna Andriivna – Liliya Rebrik/ Maryna Androschuk

Maria Antonivna – Ksenia Vertynska

Khlestakov – Danylo Marzhets

Luka Lukich – Vladyslav Dmytruk

Lyapkin-Tyapkin – Pavlo Ignatiuk

Strawberry – Bohdan Danyliuk

Postmaster (Shpekin) – Ihor Ivanov/Volodymyr Goryanskyi

Dobchynskyi – Artem Vovk

Bobchinsky – Petro Zuzyak

Osyp – Valery Shalyga

Gibner – Serhii Kuchera

Tavern servant, Gendarmerie – Ihor Krykunov/Valentyn Fomenko

Rats – Maryna Eismont, Khrystyna Komarova