ChernihivDrama theater

Old age is not always a pleasant thing, but for two movie stars of the 60s, it is simply scary. So scary that they are ready to star in a horror movie to win back their former love. And also – bite each other’s throats, remembering the past and exes. When there is nothing more to lose, the battle is not for life, but for death. At the same time, Ruth and Mildred do not lose their wit and sarcasm and do not spare pins for each other. And make the audience laugh non-stop.

Travesti comedy.

Market sellers, prostitutes, conductors and watchwomen will envy their slurs. And their acting skills can only be learned. After all, our aging movie stars are played by male actors. So it will definitely be fun and unexpected.

Hellish conversations!

Hatred on the verge of impossible!!

Sarcasm and irony in every word!!!

Oleksiy Vertynskyi
Artem Yemtsov