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Max Barskih is starting a new Bestseller world tour in support of Ukraine, during which he will talk about the history of his country.

The American magazine Forbes called him “the musical ambassador of Ukraine in the world.” His work is pop mainstream, which independent Ukraine can confidently present on major music venues around the world.

All fans of quality music and modern performances can expect an unforgettable show with the most famous hits and completely new compositions by Max, which can be heard only at the concerts of the tour.

Max Barskih keeps his musical diary, in which he collects his thoughts about the present: “Since the beginning of the war, I have been writing a musical diary. And each new story is a kind of summary of those thoughts that have confused me during the last year.”

All the emotions and feelings of singer in nowadays are embodied in such extremely sensual songs as “Mom, don’t cry”, “Ukraine”, “There will be spring”. Millions of listeners have already managed to fall in love with these songs, which will also be played on the new tour.

Fans of the musician will get incredible emotions and unforgettable impressions from the bright show, which will become a truly mega event of the year.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Maks Barskih live on the Bestseller World Tour!