Ukrainian tour
ZaporizhzhiaGlinka's KZ

A grand premiere from the creators of the “Guardians of Dreams” and “Winterra” shows, based on the most anticipated Ukrainian animated film “Mavka. Forest Song”.

Choreographic performance “Mavka. Show” is a unique combination of classics and modernity in a new format, supplemented with bright choreographic and acrobatic numbers, visual special effects and directorial decisions, which will be seen in 20 cities of Ukraine!

“Mavka. “Show” is:

– unique stage solutions that neither Ukrainian nor European audiences have seen yet

– choreography and acrobatic numbers on the theater stage, which are combined with an exciting plot

– Ukrainian classical history in a new format, which remains relevant over the years

– a story that will be interesting to both adults and children, because everyone will recognize themselves in it.

A story from classical Ukrainian literature, spectacular circus and interactive numbers, incredible Ukrainian costumes and state-of-the-art scenery. All this makes “Mavka. Show” a truly unique event that cannot be missed!

A big tour in 20 cities of Ukraine!